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Western riding camp

 June 22-26 2015 ~ 9am-3pm

$350 per student

Western tack; parts & function

                          Discuss; correct horsemanship & why it's important
                          Demo; mounting & proper form
                          Riding lesson; western horsemanship
                          Clean tack; review parts &function

Western disciplines

                          One & two handed riding; what's the difference?
                          Demo; one vs two handed riding
                          Riding lesson; one & two handed riding

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                          Reining; the pattern explained
                          Riding lesson; reining pattern

Discussion; western pleasure & trail riding
                           Riding lesson; western pleasure
                           Trail Ride
                           Clean tack

Discussion; pressure proof your riding
                           Gymkhana events
                           Riding lesson; gymkhana patterns
                           Completion certificates

Early enrollment is highly recommended as space is limited and will run out fast! More information regarding each individual camp will be available soon!