Unity Farms Inc.

Where horse and rider become one

In case you were wondering....

If you happened to be wondering what you are paying for when you board at Unity Farms then this post is for you. When you board your horse here with our partial or full care package, you are getting much more than most facilities offer. You are paying for personalized care and for YOUR horse to be cared for as if it was one of OURS.

All boarded horses are fed according to their personal needs with quality hay & grain, plus supplements to help them meet their nutritional & physical best self. If that personal need includes Equithrive or Previcox, we do that, it's included. All horses are fed Simplifly & electrolytes during the summer months.

Both partial & full care boarding include turn outs, we don't want any horses sitting for days at a time in their pen. Pasture turn out, round pen turn out, or hot walking are all available options. Full care boarding horses are groomed and fly sprayed regularly as well.

Horses kept here are put on a regular schedule of vaccinations, hoof care, dental care, & deworming. We handle everything regarding care & upkeep on time, every time and then bill it out on a monthly invoice. This ensures a healthy happy horse year round! Chiropractic & equine massage appointments can be arranged as well. 

When we say full care, we mean full care. If your horse needs hand walked because he doesn't feel well, we do that. Fungus treatment, we do that. Administration of medication, oral or IM, we do that. 

You also have the use of our beautiful facility to enjoy your horse at without all the worry and upkeep. We are constantly upgrading and improving to make Unity Farms more enjoyable for all of our clients. Training & lessons are available for both western & english in private or group settings. 

So, in case you were wondering, wonder no more! Unity Farms is where happy horses live, and where horse & rider become one.