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why do you ride?

So, last time i checked most people did not ride horses because it's just "something to do". I am sure these people exist but, it certainly is NOT the majority of us. It really is a commonly asked question by many non-equestrians, why do you ride? My immediate thought is, because if I didn't i would surely die! Duh. No but, really... for me it seems to be my purpose and what makes my soul light up, i am far more comfortable in the saddle than on my own two feet. 

I think of this question frequently, along with the other one "why horses?"... and though a single word could be the answer, love, it goes far beyond that for myself. Horses can evoke many emotions in people, for me these range from peace, excitement, joy, accomplishment, to empathy, determination and even fear from time to time. They bring out every part of being human, if you let them. 

Some people may not allow themselves to open up to this aspect of equine interaction, i find it to be one of the best parts! I love that my horse makes me "feel", i have to be aware of myself to get the best out him. Be willing to give him my calmness or hide my anticipation, to control my frustration or embrace the joy i feel to give him my energy. What a wonderful experience to be able to connect with such a different being and have them read me perfectly, sometimes even before i can read myself. 

So, why do YOU ride?? The feeling of freedom, excitement, relaxation, adrenaline, love or to simply be one with your horse? They are all good answers! Whatever your answer may be, embrace it and enjoy the ride.