Unity Farms Inc.

Where horse and rider become one

     Unity Farms Equine Care & Riding Program is designed to prepare our valley youth for horse ownership and equestrian success in the show ring or down the trail! The group will meet once a month to learn about proper horse care and correct riding techniques for the english or western rider. You may use your own horse or one of our school horses may be “rented” for the meeting dates.
     Students will learn how to take full care of a horse, from hoof care to vaccinations, de worming, feeding and leg wraps, everything that goes into correct horse ownership. There will be riding lessons at each meeting that focus on correct equitation, pattern work, different events within the English & western disciplines, plus trail riding safety.
     This all leads up to a written test on the information we have covered and an end of the year horse show! Fun & educational in a positive learning environment for our horse loving youth is the goal. Curriculum and expectations are based on the riders age and level of experience.

$20 per session with your own horse
$35 per session on one of our horses
We will post the next enrollment date shortly....

Please contact us with any questions or to sign up via phone or email;